One week from today was meant to be the third post in my monthly Story of the Storyteller series. However it, and all future entries in that series are being cancelled. When I first started this blog I knew I would likely need to revisit and alter my posting-schedule before finding a comfortable cadence to settle into. These past few months I have very much enjoyed developing my Writer’s Toolkit and Show, Don’t Tell series, each I feel serves its own function while also supporting the other in a nice give-and-take collaboration. Story of the Storyteller, on the other hand, has always felt like the awkward odd-one-out. It doesn’t harmonize well with the two series’ rhythm, and so whenever it gets a new post it feels like a hiccup in the regular weekly flow. Furthermore, I have noticed that a once-a-month series is just too infrequent to build any momentum or continuity.

For these reasons, I will no longer be continuing the Story of the Storyteller series and I have removed it from the Schedule page of this site. I will leave the previous two posts, though, for anyone that found them helpful, and both of my other series will continue at their regularly scheduled intervals.

Thank you.

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