My name is Abe Austin and I like stories. I like to receive them, and I like to give them. At their very best, stories help us to interpret the world around us as well as understand our very own selves. Each one of us has been shaped in some way by the stories we have experienced. Good stories are one of the greatest gifts we can ever give.

I have strong feelings about what makes a story rewarding, meaningful, and distinctive. This blog is my space to share those opinions and practice their principles. Along the way I invite all of your insights as well. Let’s write together.

I used to have a well-defined schedule, but I have since scaled it back to allow more time for working on my novel. In addition to updates on that novel I will still post the occasional essay or short story, whenever the mood takes me.

Looking over my old posts you might notice that they are divided into different categories. The definition of those categories is as follows:

Lessons – Theory. I examine a principle or concept that can better an author’s craft. These concepts will be illustrated with examples from the most timeless of tales.

Short Stories Practice. I publish a chapter of my own short story which incorporates the principles discussed in Story Lessons. These short stories will be in all manner of genres and styles.

Improving Technique – Revision. I refine one of my published short stories, correcting errors and improving structure until it is of publishable quality. Also, this channel is used for giving updates on my more long-term projects.