My name is Abe and I like stories. I like to receive them, I like to give them. I think they help us to understand this world, I think they help us to pioneer the great unknown. I think they help us connect to our own cores.

I do write, but I am not a professional by any stretch of the imagination. I do not suggest you come to this blog expecting to learn how to negotiate a contract with an agent or how to market a bestseller. I have nothing to offer in that regard.

I do have strong feelings about what makes writing rewarding, meaningful, and distinctive, though. I humbly offer my opinions as just that: opinions. I would love to hear your different perspectives and disagreements. Let’s write together.



Every Monday morning:

Writer’s Toolkit – Join me as we examine an individual principle or concept to better our craft. These concepts are further illustrated with examples from some of the most timeless tales.

Every Thursday morning:

Show, Don’t Tell –  Time to put our theorizing into practice with a weekly short piece that illustrates the principle discussed earlier in the Writer’s Toolkit. These short stories cover a large breadth of genre and style.

Every few weeks will comprise a “series” which is composed of thematically similar concepts and short stories. The series will end with a capstone and then move on to the next.