Revising The Storm- Week 27

Last week I published the entirety of my third draft for The Storm. Next I wanted to read through the whole thing quickly and make notes of what major shifts it still needed, much like I did before starting Draft Two. I fought down the temptation to correct every grammatical error and awkward phrasing I came across (mostly), and just focus instead on the larger strokes.

Finding a block of undisturbed time to do this review was difficult, and I lost several days waiting for a chance to go through the thing in one, unbroken pass. I also wasn’t sure of the best format to use. I wanted to be able to draw on the text and write in its margins, which isn’t something that the WordPress editor supports.

Ultimately, I decided to run through my draft in OneNote last weekend. The only way I can think of to transfer that document to here is to upload it as a series of images. I realize that might be a bit awkward, perhaps I’ll find a better method in the future.

In any case, here is my noted-up draft. I have used comments in the margins for the more extensive revisions, X’s and strikethroughs to signify blocks of text that need to be removed or reduced, a + when I feel there needs to be more said, and ( ) around sentences that need to be reworded. I saw more areas that need fixing than the ones that are marked, but like I said, I was trying to restrain myself.

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